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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Supah Bizzy

Work is kicking my ass after the long weekend, and I'm leaving out of state on Thursday afternoon. What will I be doing while I'm out of town, you ask? You should really mind your own fucking business, but to answer you this time: getting loaded. Going to see some friends from my time in boarding school in England, hit up a few bars, eat some good food, and maybe even hook up with an old fling from back in the day. Beer and whiskey will be drunk!


Randy said...

sounds like a plan. Have fun

musclemadness said...

9/8 Support.

Please read my new post! IMPORTANT!

musclemadness said...

9/9 Love and Support

Thanks for all the comments guys!

musclemadness said...

9/11 Love and Support!

Never Forget!

Trashcanman said...